Questions to ask when buying a used car

When thinking of buying a car, you have the option of buying either a used car or a brand new car. The truth of the matter is that people have different reasons as to why they wish to buy a new or used car. Depending on your reason and what not, for the purposes of this piece, we are going to look at some of the questions you need to ask before you buy a used car.


Why are you selling the car?

This is a very important question and one that every individual seeking to buy a used car must ask. It puts the seller on the spot and invites them to lie. From this question you are able to tell how deceptive or honest a seller is and hopefully help you in making an informed decision. The way the seller answers this question gives you a rough idea of any potential problems as regards the car or every reason to purchase the used car.

Do you have the title of the car at hand?

Car logbook is of essence especially if you want to ascertain that the person selling the car is the legal owner of the car. It also saves you the hassle of having to deal with cases of being told that the second hand car you are about to buy is registered in the name of another person say a cousin or it is tucked somewhere behind the car wheel. It is essential you ask if the seller has the car logbook at hand and if possible take a look at it to ascertain that he is the legal car owner.

Is it okay for me to take the car for a test drive?

Of course, you can’t endeavor to buy a used car without taking it for a test drive. The same applies to when you buy a brand new car. By test driving a car, you get to find out some of the problems it might be having. You get to find out whether the engine is in the right condition, whether the gear box is in good condition and any other mechanical problems it could be having. How does the car balance on the road? Does the engine make funny sounds? All these can be ascertained when you take a used car on a test drive.


Can I take a peek at the maintenance history?

In most cases, sellers of used cars tend to lie about the maintenance history of the car. However, a look at the used cars maintenance history will reveal the truth. It can be a tad difficult to lie using the maintenance history and this therefore gives you the perfect opportunity to find out the true cost of maintenance of a given car and whether you will be able to meet the maintenance costs going forward.

Is it right if I take this car to my mechanic?

This is just as important especially if you don’t know a lot about cars or simply can’t get around car jargon. It is also the perfect way to ascertain whether what the seller has been telling you is the truth or not. On the other hand, if the seller is reluctant or is not willing to have you take the car to your own mechanic for a check, the logical thing to do would be to walk away. After all, a car investment is a huge one and you shouldn’t do business with a dishonest seller!