Key considerations when buying a new car


A car investment is an expensive one and therefore it’s essential that you do research and make an informed decision lest you regret. You can’t just wake up one day and decide to buy a car without doing due diligence. After all, getting value for money is something that we all need. In light of this, let’s take a look at the key considerations when buying a new car.

Intended period of ownership

The length of time you intend to keep your car should inform the type of car you ultimately buy. Gone are the days when we bought a car and disposed it after a few months. The difficult economic conditions means that a lot of people are currently keeping their cars for a long period of time. In this regard, it is highly recommended that you take your time, carry out proper research and ensure that the car you ultimately buy meets your needs and that it gives you value for money.


Cost of owning the car

Ordinarily, individuals take into consideration benefits, features as well as price tag. This is acceptable without a doubt but you also need to consider the cost of ownership. How much will it cost you to maintain the car? What about repair costs and insurance costs? Ensure you buy a car that you won’t strain maintaining. If you are not sure about your choice, there are a number of comparison sites that can help you make an informed decision. They project such factors as financing costs, insurance, depreciation, fuel and maintenance. From the information given you could be able to choose a car that you won’t face difficulties maintaining it.

A row of new 2010 Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles sit for sale in the car lot at the Toyota dealership in El Cajon, California March 9, 2010. U.S. safety regulators and Toyota Motor Corp dispatched investigators to San Diego on Tuesday to inspect a 2008 Prius that sped out of control on a California freeway a day earlier. REUTERS/Mike Blake  (UNITED STATES - Tags: TRANSPORT BUSINESS) :rel:d:bm:GF2E6391LGF01

Fuel efficiency or economy

With difficult economic conditions, people are keen to buy a car that is fuel efficient. You don’t want your fuel costs hitting the roof hence making it almost impossible to use your car with leisure. A car that is fuel efficient gives you peace of mind and you don’t have to routinely wonder about where you will get the money to meet the fuel needs of your car. Take into consideration the size of the tank, the average cost for driving say 25 miles, expected annual fuel costs and so on and so forth.

Choose a reputable dealer

It’s not always about the price. A lot of people make the decision to buy a car solely on price while ignoring other factors. However, this can end getting you into a quandary. The reputation and success history of a car dealer is instrumental when buying a new car. Go for a dealer that respects your choice and gives you professional advice especially if you are a greenhorn and have scanty information about a given make of a car. The dealer you settle for should have different makes and brands, spacious showroom, warm customer personnel, a solid reputation and one that treats you like family. Go for a dealer that adheres to best business practices and is keen on forming long term relationships as opposed to making a quick sale.